Jacoby Ellsbury Will be Key to Success for Boston Red Sox in ALCS

By Michael Terrill
Jacoby Ellsbury Will be Key to Success for Boston Red Sox in ALCS
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Regardless of who wins Game 5 of the ALDS between the Oakland Athletics and Detroit Tigers, the Boston Red Sox will be ready. The Red Sox might just have the most talented offense in the majors this postseason, which will certainly be the reason why they have a legitimate shot at going the distance. With that being said, who is one player for Boston that must stay hot at the plate?

Take your pick. The Red Sox had four players bat at least .300, as well as, four players who recorded at least three RBI in the ALDS. What makes Boston so lethal is that so many different players have stepped up to help propel the team to victory. The crazy part is David Ortiz is the only person to knock a ball out of the park.

As good as so many players have been it is hard to pick just one who must stay hot at the plate in order for the Red Sox to be successful in the ALCS. Actually, it might not be as hard as some may think.

“We have to have Jake to win, we understand that,” starting pitcher Jake Peavy said of Jacoby Ellsbury, according to RedSox.com. “He’s plays such a primary position in center field, but what he brings offensively … when he gets on base, he creates such havoc for the pitchers, and Dustin Pedroia and even David [Ortiz] get such good looks because you have to think about him on the bases. Jake’s a huge part of this.”

Ellsbury has been the dominating force behind an incredibly gifted offense. He batted .500 (9-for-18) with two RBI, two doubles, seven runs and four stolen bases against the Tampa Bay Rays in the ALDS. Not to mention, he also posted an unbelievable .526 on-base percentage. Obviously, could not ask much more from a leadoff hitter.

No one expects Ellsbury to put up the same numbers in the ALCS. Nonetheless, he still must put forth a solid performance because the team is counting on him. All of the players in the locker room will look to him to get something going, which means he must come through in the clutch.

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