Should Charlie Manuel Return to Philadelphia Phillies?

By Rebekah Milsted
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The Philadelphia Phillies made a tough decision with a month left in the season. That decision was to let go of manager Charlie Manuel. Manuel put his heart into the team for many years. He was fired at a weird time when he could have finished the season. Now the front office is in talks about bringing Manuel back to the front office to take on an advisory role. Should Manuel take the offer?

Manuel was upset about his firing. He did not expect it and it seemed like he was being betrayed. Sure, the Phillies were having one of the worst seasons they had in a long time, but it wasn’t all Manuel’s fault. Manuel cannot make his team play well. He can’t make them go up to the plate and hit the ball. That isn’t how the game works.

Manuel was manager for the Phillies for eight seasons. Everyone knows the team won five NL East titles in a row and a World Series title while under him. He instantly became a fan favorite and was respected by the players.

If I was Manuel, I would take time to make this decision. Why couldn’t they wait until the end of the season to let him go? The front office knew, whether they want to admit it or not, that Ryne Sandberg was going to take over the managerial position. They could have waited until 2014 as the Phillies weren’t in playoff contention.

Manuel has love for this team, but he also has a love for managing. If he wants to manage, he should do what he wants. If he wants to stay in Philadelphia, he needs to make sure it is for the right reasons and that he feels respected. Manuel was a big part of the Phillies. If he works for the front office, it could have a positive outlook for the team. Whatever Manuel’s decision is, it should be whatever will make him happy.

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