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5 Players The Philadelphia Phillies Should Consider Trading

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Philadelphia Phillies: 5 Possible Trades To Consider

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The offseason is the time where teams like to make big changes to their roster. The Philadelphia Phillies are guilty of doing that in the past, and this offseason may go the same way as they are looking to improve their team. There are some players, however, that should stay in red and white pinstripes.

The Phillies finished with a losing record for the first time since 2002. It was the second year in a row that they did not make the playoffs, and they let a lot of people down. The city of Philadelphia is used to seeing a winning team.

The Phillies are looking to go in a new direction. They hired a new manager, Ryne Sandberg, and he is hiring his own coaching staff that is familiar in the Phillies organization. Sandberg and his staff need to come up with a strategy to get this team winning again.

They need to look to improve their bullpen which was a little shaky and filled with rookies this season. It started to improve near the end of the season, but one or two strong arms would be nice. The Phillies also need to look for offense as that was lacking this season. To get these improvements the Phillies are going to think about what players they want to keep and who to get rid of.

The Phillies do have players that are valuable and can help them win, but they also have players who have been no help at all the past two seasons. These are the five players that they should consider trading to get help to make a playoff run next season.

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5. Kevin Frandsen

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Kevin Frandsen has been with the Phillies since last season. He has been a great utility infielder, but how many does the team need? The Phillies should shop him around and see what they can get. He hit .234 this season with 26 RBI and five home runs. Teams need utility players as well as pinch hitters, and the American League also needs designated hitters. Frandsen has no problem putting the bat on the ball. It would be a loss for the Phillies, but they need to look for improvements to their bullpen.

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4. John Mayberry Jr.

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John Mayberry Jr. has been with the Phillies for the far too long. He really doesn’t do much for the team. He hit .227 this season with 39 RBI. That is a lot for Mayberry as the last ten games his average was .182. With Ben Revere coming back from injury there may not even be room for Mayberry. If a team is looking for an outfielder they should see what they are offering. Personally I think they should keep Roger Bernadina as he seems to play better defense. Mayberry has been with the Phillies for a long time, and his time may finally be up.

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3. Erik Kratz

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The Phillies have been saying that they want to keep catcher Carlos Ruiz. If they want to keep Ruiz then they should see what they can get for catcher Erik Kratz and use rookie Cameron Rupp as their backup. Kratz is good as a backup for a team or a starter. He is good behind the plate as well as an offensive player. Kratz hit .213 this season with 197 at bats. He knocked in 26 RBI and hit nine home runs. Losing Kratz would be a big loss for the Phillies, but they need to think about becoming a winning team again. If they can get someone in return that can help them win then it would be worth it.

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2. Jonathan Papelbon

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Jonathan Papelbon was not reliable for the Phillies at all this season as he gave up seven saves. That is not acceptable for a closer as they are an important part for the team to win in a close game. The Phillies should see if they can get another closer who can be more trustworthy. Papelbon’s ERA this season was 2.92 and he gave up 20 earned runs. He made everyone’s stomach turn in the ninth inning. The Phillies have to decide what they want to do, but in my opinion it would be in their best interest to look for a new closer.

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1. Jonathan Pettibone

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With the Phillies keeping pitcher Kyle Kendrick they might consider trading young pitcher Jonathan Pettibone. Teams like young pitchers, and Philadelphia could get a strong arm out of it for their rotation which is much-needed with the question of Roy Halladay. Pettibone had a 5-4 record and a 4.04 ERA which is good for his first season in the Major Leagues. The Phillies need to think about their future rotation as they used to have one of the strongest in the league. It will be interesting to see what they do.