Even If Johan Santana Comes Back To The New York Mets, How Effective Is He Going To Be?

By Matthew Solomon
The Star Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Everybody knows that Johan Santana missed the entire 2013 MLB season due to surgery on his throwing elbow, the second time he’s had that procedure done on the same arm. All signs are pointing to the New York Mets buying out the rest of his contract, which would be a $5.5 million buyout. Even after the buyout, Mets general manager Sandy Alderson said he would “possibly”  look to sign the two-time Cy Young Award winner on the cheap.

I can understand where the Mets are coming from with this idea. The team will be without the services of Matt Harvey for next season due to the fact that he is undergoing Tommy John Surgery and will miss all of next year. The club wants to try and have Santana back in the rotation as sort of an insurance policy. It would be a good idea to try and get Santana for cheap, but this idea has me worried a little.

There are two things that really jump out at me here. First is what can the Mets really do? What I mean is, the club has other holes they need to work on filling this winter, so spending time trying to deal with Santana shouldn’t really be up too high on the Mets’ priority list. That’s no disrespect to Santana, but there are other positions on this baseball team that need attending to before the Mets can try and work on Santana’s contract.

The second thing that jumps out at me here is Santana himself. He missed all of last season due to the injury.  He has made just 21 starts over the last three seasons combined, the most famous one being the no-hitter on June 1, 2012. There is no way to possibly tell how effective Santana is even going to be anymore. He’s 34 years old and has had two major procedures on his pitching shoulder in three years.

If the Mets do bring him back, they had better try to do it at a really cheap price, because if this doesn’t work out for both Santana and the Mets, the Mets end up with egg on their face. Plus there isn’t much room on the market for Santana anyway. With all his injuries and the stuff that has gone on for him the last few years, I don’t really know what teams, if any, are going to take a chance on him. Again this is all pending on whether the Mets buy his contract out or not.

So will Santana even come back to the Mets at a lower cost and be an effective pitcher? Only time will tell.

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