2013 MLB Playoffs: Can Detroit Tigers Continue Their Playoff Push?

By Brandon Rogers
Miguel Cabrera/Prince Fielder
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Leyland and the Detroit Tigers were ecstatic to finally leave Oakland Thursday night after a 3-0 victory. The Tigers seem to have the secret formula for the Oakland Athletics, now pushing past them in two consecutive years. However, the Tigers have a new challenge awaiting Saturday night, and that is the Boston Red Sox.

There is no question after Thursday nights performance that the Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander can dominate on any given night, but does Leyland have enough pitching depth? It seems that The Tigers portray a two-headed attack between Max Scherzer and Verlander. These two pitchers single-handedly gave the Tigers three wins, but after these two aces, there’s not much left.

Entering the game Saturday night, there’s a few of things the Tigers need to take into consideration. One these two aces are battling a much tougher team, with much more experience. Also, this is a seven-game series, and Verlander and Scherzer cannot pitch every game. Lastly, will the run support be there?

The Red Sox provide great pitching, and the Tigers only averaged 3.4 runs per game against the Athletics. Also, Verlander and Scherzer are going to have a much tougher task against the Red Sox bats. The Sox averaged 6.5 runs a game, nearly doubling the Tigers. Boston only played four games last round as well, beating the Rays 3-1 in the series.

The Red Sox are the obvious favorite, leading the majors this year in wins, and are a pick to win it all. Let’s not forget, the Tigers were the team to make it to the World Series last season.

Brandon Rogers is an Oakland Athletics writer for Rant Sports. You can follow him on Twitter @BRogers6 and Google networks.

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