Detroit Tigers' Justin Verlander 'Once In A Generation' Pitcher

By Brent Smith
Ed Szczepanski- USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland Athletics have wanted a new owner and now they have one in Justin Verlander. Justin Verlander once again carried the Detroit Tigers on his back through the ALDS for the second straight year as the Tigers kept their season alive to face the Boston Red Sox in the ALCS. Some Tigers fans had begun to question Verlander even suggesting the massive contract he received in the offseason was too much but now some Tigers fans might want to send him some more money in the mail. In the postseason, Justin Verlander has once again separated himself from all other pitchers currently in baseball delivering such shutdowns that even the government would be jealous.

To say Justin Verlander was dominant might be the biggest understatement ever but there are just no words for how amazing Justin Verlander is. The Athletics had absolutely no chance in their two meetings with Justin Verlander, flailing away weakly, looking like a Little League team. The fastball has so much life that even with the little loss of velocity, hitters have no real chance of catching up to it. Then when he breaks off his breaking pitch, you just have to wonder how it’s fair that one guy was given so much talent. He has the finesse of a Greg Maddox and the shear power of a Randy Johnson.

As the Tigers move forward into the ALCS, they will be counting on the same guy to help them keep their season alive. Let there be no question that Justin Verlander is a once in a generation pitcher who has the ability and the tools to be one of the greatest pitchers to ever take the mound. There is no dollar sign that could ever be enough for what Justin Verlander means to the Detroit Tigers and his value in October is as much as any player can provide to a team. Max Scherzer may have overshadowed him in the regular season but now is the time for Justin Verlander to take the stage.

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