Jerry Dipoto’s Last Chance Could Also be Mike Scioscia’s for Angels

By David Miller
Mike Scioscia
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Finally after a season’s worth of rumors about one or both leaving the Los Angeles Angels, Jerry Dipoto and Mike Scioscia are actually both returning for the 2014 season. This is somewhat of a surprise as many thought the team’s bad record and the reported friction between the two that one or both would leave. Instead they are both coming back but that might not give them much time to improve the situation for the Angels. Chances are that they both have one more year.

Scioscia is signed through the 2018 season and while we all know managers can be fired at any time, that still probably will give him at least the next season to see what he and his GM Dipoto can work up. Dipoto meanwhile is going into the final year of his GM contract during the 2014 season. You may or may not know this but GM’s usually follow a certain pattern. Dipoto does and his replacement would as well.

That would mean that a 2015 replacement GM would probably follow standard patterns for new GMs and hire his own new manager. That would obviously mean what some have already thought and that is that Dipoto is coming back and so is Scioscia so that they can have one more chance to prove their plan can work. If the Angels go out and have another season similar to the one they had this season, you can bet that both Dipoto and Scioscia will be gone by the 2015 winter months.

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