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5 Reasons Why Detroit Tigers Will Lose the ALCS

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Why The Tigers Will Lose To Red Sox

Brian Abraham - USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Tigers had all of the prerequisites to run away from the competition in the American League Central. Yet they could never seem to put it all together. They won the division by one game. The Cleveland Indians and Kansas City Royals were nipping at their heels all year.

Between having the best hitter in baseball in Miguel Cabrera and one of the best pitchers in Justin Verlander, they had the pieces in place. Max Scherzer stepped up magnificently, yet they still just barely squeezed out a division win.

That trend continued going into the ALDS with the Oakland Athletics. The A’s dominance was perhaps even more surprising than the Tiger’s lack of dominance. Although the Tigers did pull it off, they didn’t make it look easy, and now they go to Boston to face the hottest team in baseball, the Boston Red Sox.

There is so much on the Tiger’s plate that the likelihood of another squeeze-by win is incredibly unlikely. The Red Sox are a dominant force and while the Tigers should be, they just aren’t.

This isn’t the power-alley Tigers that the MLB is used to. In fact, it was pitching that kept them above water in the regular season. And aside from a few key players, their pitching hasn’t been all that great either.

All the Red Sox have to do is go through the motions. They’ll find the Tigers to be very little opposition. Here’s why: the top five reasons why the Tigers have no shot at making it to the World Series.

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5. Struggling Line-up

Ed Szczepanski - USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Tigers aren't hitting very well thus far into the post season, with the exception of Victor Martinez. They are hitting .235 as compared to the Red Sox .285 so far this post season. You can't win if you don't score runs, and Red Sox outscored the Tigers 26-17 in their respective ALDS matchups. They also have a tremendous lack of speed, as they were the only postseason team not to register a steal. It's pointing to a rough series all around when a team can move base runners around the diamond.

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4. Powerless Prince

Tim Fuller - USA TODAY Sports

In the ALDS against the A's, Prince Fielder failed to record a home run or RBI. that's not a good thing from the clean-up hitter, who's job description is to pick up the RBIs that the top of the order is supposed to set up for you. Either he's not getting into RBI-producing scenarios, or he's not producing RBIs. Either way, it doesn't bode well for Detroit.

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3. The Red Sox Are Just Better

Greg M. Cooper - USA TODAY Sports

Pretty simple here. The better team usually wins, as unfortunate as that fact may be for Detoit. The Red Sox are rolling, now more than ever. They put down the Tampa Bay Rays with very little problems. That was a Rays team that was rolling as well, having made it through two one game playoffs. The run production and offense that the Red Sox are putting up right now is unprecedented, averaging 6.5 runs per game this post season.

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2. Fenway Park

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Fenway is an incredibly difficult place to win for any team other than the Red Sox. The Sox are hitting .352 at home, averaging 9.5 runs compared to the oppositions 3. On the other side of the spectrum, the Tigers are hitting just .224 in away games, and while their pitching has been stellar on the road, the Red Sox line up is a tad more threatening than the A's. Home-field advantage could mean the difference yet again.

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1. Miguel Cabrera Is Hurt

Steve Mitchell - USA TODAY Sports

He's just not the same guy that he was when healthy. That should be an obvious statement, but Miguel Cabrera is not exactly a cookie-cut player. This injury has hampered him severely. He did manage a home run and three RBIs against the A's, but it was on a mistake pitch. He's not hitting like he did all season, and his fielding is a liability. What was once the best three-four combo in any lineup is now fizzling, and if those guys aren't producing, the Tiger's aren't winning.