Atlanta Braves Rumors: Team Should Stay Away From David Price

David Price

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After the quick out in the MLB postseason, there is some thought that the Atlanta Braves need an established ace starting pitching for the top of their rotation. That is easy to agree with because what team couldn’t use another great starter at the top of the rotation? Every one could of course and the Braves are no different. The issue becomes difficult because they don’t sell great starting pitchers at the local surplus store but they do cost a ton of money. There are not many around either that are available. One name that has popped up in rumors is David Price.

The Braves would benefit some from a starter like Price but they don’t need him badly enough to trade good prospects away for him. If he came for free then sure that would be nice but he doesn’t. Alex Wood is possibly a future ace caliber starting pitcher and the same goes with David Hale. The Braves don’t need to risk parting ways with one of those guys or a similar player from the minor leagues for a temporary pitching fix.

Mainly the reason they don’t need Price is that they don’t need anyone. Oh, they need a more experienced ace starter for sure but that doesn’t mean they have to go trade for or sign one. Think about where Julio Teheran, Mike Minor and Kris Medlen were last season compared to now.

Each one of them made huge steps forward during the 2013 season and each one got a good dose of experience in the Braves losing effort in the NLDS. Any one or two of them could emerge as a top of the line ace. Brandon Beachy could be one as could Wood within a year or two. There is not a guy out there that the Braves need badly enough that they should risk their well built, home-grown future. Not even Price.

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  • Brian

    I disagree. I would Alex Wood in a second for 2 years of Price.

  • Matt Talbert

    Hale a future ace? LOL

  • rundmc1981

    With all due respect, this “article” is a joke. There’s nothing factual or logical and saying that Alex Wood – who has shown flashes of being very good to a league that hasn’t grown accustomed to his awkward release – and David Hale and all of his 2 MLB starts are “future ace caliber” starting pitchers is laughable.

    And getting Price for free (!!!) Sure, you might not like him, but he won a Cy Young a year ago, give him some respect. Half MLB teams are interested and some teams will be offering a Mark Teixeira-like package for him.

    And if ATL were to make an offer, it couldn’t be around Alex Wood or David Hale. They would secondary in the deal and it’d mostly take Teheran or Lucas Sims plus a few B prospects to even get them to pick up the phone. Look what Friedman got (top positional prospect in MLB: Myers) and much of the Greinke package for Shields and Wade Davis. And they’re not winning a Cy Young anytime.

    • Nick

      agree with everything except letting go of Teheran…other than that playoff game, which is hard for a rookie as it is, he has shown that he could be a star

      • rundmc1981

        Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not for trading anyone for Price, especially Teheran. I was just trying to provide a more accurate picture of a trade scenario if ATL did go after Price than what this “writer” provided. I saw Teheran’s first MLB start in PHI because knew he’d be special, and I still think so. Frankly, I don’t think ATL has the weapons to get a deal done, and if they did, it wouldn’t be worth the Price. I’m all for having rotational depth over having an “ace” considering how susceptible pitchers are to injury, especially in ATL.