MLB Playoffs: Boston Red Sox Must Figure Out Justin Verlander

By Carter Roane
Bob De Chiara-USA Today Sports

There are many quality starting pitchers throughout MLB who can be absolutely dominating at times. The Boston Red Sox are going up against one of the best, if not arguably the best. That would be the Detroit Tigers‘ ace Justin Verlander.

Verlander is one of those special breeds of pitchers where every time that you see him pitch, you wonder if something special is going to happen. There aren’t many who really fall into that category. There are excellent starting pitchers, there are guys who can easily be considered an ace, but I feel Verlander is a step above those pitchers.

He almost reminds me of a Nolan Ryan or a Pedro Martinez in his prime. Boston will have their work cut out facing him.

The scary quality that Verlander has is that he has this amazing ability to find another gear and throw harder as the game is going on. If he is in one of those zones, if you didn’t get to him early in the first or second inning, you won’t catch up to him later. The fact that he has this ability to control his fastball like he can makes him truly dangerous.

He also has four above average pitches that he can throw and the more versatile the arsenal a pitcher has, the better. It leaves a hitter totally out of step because they have no idea what pitch is coming next.

Probably the best solution that Boston can use to get to Verlander is that he does tend to give up a few home runs and he does pitch better at home than on the road. The Red Sox could use Fenway Park to get to him. They have also had a few occasions where they hit Verlander hard. If they are patient and utilize Fenway, perhaps they could do some damage. It is going to be a tall order.

Boston needs its best games to go against this ferocious competitor.

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