New York Mets Rumors: Team Wrong Not To Pursue Cuban Phenom Jose Dariel Abreu

By Bryan Zarpentine
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

After the monumental impact Yasiel Puig has made for the Los Angeles Dodgers this season, all of baseball is in search of the next great Cuban player that can make a similar impact, and that player appears to be first baseman Jose Dariel Abreu.

Abreu appears to have many suitors. Although the New York Mets sent scouts to watch him work out, they don’t appear to be serious about signing him, which is a mistake.

Of the Mets list of priorities this offseason, first base is at the top of the list, which should immediately make Abreu a consideration. The Mets scouts that GM Sandy Alderson sent to watch him were apparently “impressed” with his power, which should increase the level of interest the Mets have in him, as power is something that the team has lacked for the past several years.

Signing Abreu would take a serious financial commitment from the Mets, but it would be worth it. He would give the Mets the impact power bat in the middle of their lineup that they so desperately need to complement David Wright.

Moreover, the Mets are a mess at first base, and signing Abreu would allow them to solve that problem. If the Mets signed Abreu, they wouldn’t have to worry about choosing between Lucas Duda and Ike Davis; they would be able to cut ties with both of them.

Also, they won’t have to rely on Josh Satin, who provides little power and has only been a productive big league hitter for a couple months after spending many years in the minor leagues.

Signing Abreu would be a risky move for the Mets, but he fits a need they have and he offers the possibility of a high reward. Other Cubans like Puig and Yoenis Cespedes have made huge contributions to their teams, and Abreu could be poised to do the same. The Mets need an impact player like him, and it’s disappointing to not see them pursue Abreu more seriously than they are because he’s exactly what they need.

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