NLCS 2013: It is No Secret Why Carlos Beltran Excels in MLB Postseason

By David Miller
Carlos Beltran
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The Major League Baseball world has been praising the postseason abilities of Carlos Beltran for a while now and this season he is doing nothing to stop that praise. The St. Louis Cardinals owe him all of the credit for winning game one of the NLCS against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Beltran drove in all three runs and threw out what would be the winning run. What else could you ask for if you are the Cardinals? The question is how does Beltran continue to produce at this level in the postseason year after postseason year?

It is actually something quite simple. The answer can be found in the simple answers he gave after game one. The sum total of his comments is that he just went out there and did his job. He just does what he does. That really doesn’t sound like an answer but it is. What is amazing about Beltran in October is that he isn’t amazing at all. Everyone else gets either way nervous or way pumped up and they change their game subconsciously because of it. Everyone wants to be the hero with one swing.

Beltran was the hero but he didn’t knock the ball into the next state. It was a simple drive down the line. He went with what the pitcher gave him just like he and every other hitter is supposed to do all the time. What is amazing about Beltran is that he can continue to keep a level head and do his normal everyday thing when everyone around him is unable to. I don’t mean to make it sound like it isn’t extraordinary. In this case, doing what everyone is supposed to do is extraordinary. And Beltran is among the best in doing normal everyday things in the playoffs that there has ever been.

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