Detroit Tigers Rumors: Never Trade Max Scherzer, Period

By David Miller
Max Scherzer
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Rumors are usually pretty reliable around Major League Baseball since someone that is somewhat reliable had to suggest the rumor to be true or the next person wouldn’t have printed it in their newspaper or published it on their blog. This one concerning the Detroit Tigers being willing to trade Max Scherzer during the winter season has got to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard though. Why in the name of Babe Ruth going to the New York Yankees would the Tigers trade the best pitcher in the American League?

Seriously, can anyone think of a good reason for that? The reason given was that he might get a raise from arbitration. You think? He’s going to win the Cy-Young award and has been completely lights out all postseason to this point. How about we give the guy a slight raise? Come on! They might have to choose between Miguel Cabrera and Scherzer some say. Really? I seriously doubt that if they want to win, but if it does come down to those two, it was great Miggy; give you a standing-o when you come back through pal.

That would be it for me if I were calling the shots. Cabrera is great but he is on the downhill side of his prime and is doubtfully going to have another set of seasons like he is having right now after they end. Scherzer is the next big thing. Even Justin Verlander looked sheepish compared to this guy all season, plus Verlander is also getting to where he’s been around a while. Why would they want to get rid of the guy that is just as good if not better than the last “best pitcher in baseball” they had?

I don’t get it in any way. There is no one single batter that is worth what Scherzer can give the Tigers. He can take over a game or even a postseason series. He is the answer to anyone’s number one ace. Clayton Kershaw, Adam Wainwright, Jon Lester; who you got? Really, just bring them on because they each and all will have trouble matching innings with Scherzer. If the Tigers trade this guy, I just hope and pray my favorite team is the one that throws the farm at them to bring him in. Some aces are game-changers; Scherzer is a season-changer.

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