MLB: Top 5 Fan Bases In Baseball

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The Top Five Fan Bases In MLB

Ed Szczepanski- USA Today Sports

Baseball is America’s pastime; a tradition that we cannot get enough of. Entering the ballpark, smelling the hot dogs, having to listen to the annoying, “Program, get your program,” and finally being able to set your eyes on the beautiful green grass. Those moments you never shy away from. This is baseball, and we are true fans of the game.

We are truly born into the sport of baseball. The first sport every child learns to play is baseball. Every kid reaches for a ball and glove to simply go play catch with their father. Baseball is not the greatest sport by any means to watch on television, but experiencing it live brings out the kid in us all.

MLB is filled with unique and passionate fans. These fans help lead their team to victory. I must admit that this is baseball, not football. Nonetheless, there are teams out there who have some of the rowdiest fans that keep their team in it when all else fails. Fans that believe in their team to rally back in the ninth. This is baseball.

Baseball fans set the tone for the sport. There’s nothing like the drunken fan five rows above you yelling at the umpire. You gotta love it! There is something about attending a baseball game that you can’t beat. Baseball signifies a relaxing, yet entertaining atmosphere. Sit back and enjoy -- here are some of the greatest fans in MLB today. /p>

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5. Milwaukee Brewers

Benny Sieu- USA Today Sports

The Brewers have the most festive fans and some of the greatest traditions. Brewer fans are in the Beer capital in America, Miller Park. In spite of never winning, The Brewers draw over 35,000 fans per game. Com on baseball fans, you can never get tired of the traditional wiener races.

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4. New York Yankees

The Star Ledger- USA Today Sports

You love 'em or you hate 'em! The New York Yankees are the kings of baseball. The arrogant Yankee fans have always been screaming away, no matter what. Yankee fans probably think they need to be no. 1 on this ranking, but the truth hurts. Since the Yankees switched stadiums, ticket prices have gone up. This glossy new stadium is great, but they're losing some die-hard fans at games.

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3. Philadelphia Phillies

Howard Smith- USA Today Sports

Philadelphia is the city where they undeniably hold on to their teams. The Phillies have been among attendance leaders in the past three seasons, bringing in 45,000 fans a game. Philadelphia might not have the most courteous fans, but they are passionate.

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2. Boston Red Sox

Bob Dechiara-USA Today Sports

The Boston faithful has been at Fenway for a long time, and they aren’t going anywhere. Red Sox fans waited 86 years to hold the World Series Trophy in 04, and they are prepared to take hold of it this year. The last time Beantown held a non-sellout game was in 2003!

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1. St. Louis Cardinals

Jeff Curry- USA Today Sports

Here is the cream of the crop fans not just in baseball, but arguably in all of sports. Cardinals fans bring another level of dedication. I don't think any other will be passing up Cardinals fans for a while.