The Miami Marlins Have A Better Record At Their Own Ballpark

By J.S.Cruz
Steve Mitchells-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Marlins had the worst negative difference in attendance at home in 2013, in comparison with 2012. Regardless of the navy blue, empty seats, the team didn’t drown and played for a better record at Marlins Park than on the road; nonetheless, the team almost doubled the attendance on their road games.

The franchise averaged 7,816 fewer fans per game last season in contrast with 2012; this added to the difference of 633,122 fewer fans in the 81 games played at Marlins Park. Both figures were the worst in MLB, The total in attendance difference was the worst by a margin of 100,000 fans from the Philadelphia Phillies, the second worst in total attendance difference from the previous year.

The Marlins averaged 19,584 fans at home, the second worst behind Tampa Bay Rays.

On the road, the team played in average for 30,091 aficionados in 81 games. Teams like the Detroit Tigers, Baltimore Orioles and Texas Rangers drew less fans as visitors than the Marlins.

In general, the MLB didn’t add to its bleachers; they had 808,972 fewer fans than in 2012, and the attendance per game was of minus 333 fans. Teams like the New York Yankees, Chicago CubsSan Francisco Giants and many others had a negative season in attendance in contrast with the 2012 season. Teams like the Toronto Blue Jays, Seattle Mariners and San Diego Padres had a positive difference in contrast with the 2012 season.

With fewer fans on the stand, the Marlins had a better winning percentage at home, with a record of 36-45 versus 26-55 on the road.

It looks as if neither the Mets or Cubs fans, the loudest fans at Marlins Parks, showed up.

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