Which Starter Will The Boston Red Sox Trade This Winter?

By Randy Holt
Jake Peavy
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Red Sox still have a ways to go in their ALCS matchup against the Detroit Tigers, but the offseason is just around the corner for both teams. In relation to the Red Sox, with some young arms on the way, they’ll be a team to watch this offseason because of a surplus of starting pitching.

The Red Sox have multiple arms that could be had for the right price this winter. It would appear that nobody in their rotation, outside of Clay Buchholz, is untouchable, meaning that one of four veteran starters that spent time in their rotation in 2013 could be on their way out.

After the bounce back season he had, it’s hard to imagine that John Lackey is the guy that’ll be on his way out. After looking like a massive contract bust and missing all of 2012, Lackey rebounded to the tune of a 3.52 ERA and only 40 walks. He was mighty impressive and isn’t a free agent until 2015.

In the same category could be Jon Lester. We heard Lester’s name pop up in trade rumors last winter, but that was when many still thought the Red Sox would be trying to clean house. Lester is coming off of another solid season, and could be in line for an extension, rather than a trade.

The two that could be the most likely to be on their way out are the two newest faces in the organization, in Jake Peavy and Ryan Dempster. Peavy was acquired at the trade deadline, while Dempster was signed to a ludicrous contract as a free agent during last offseason.

Peavy was decent enough down the stretch for the Red Sox, posting an ERA of 4.04. It’ll be interesting to see what the market for him looks like this winter. Dempster has another year left on his two-year deal that pays him over $26 million. Moving him would free up some extra cash for the Sox to play around with. He had an up and down year that could make him the most logical to move.

The Red Sox have multiple starters available, more than one of which will be available as a free agent in 2015. They will look to deal at least one of their starters to make room for younger guys this winter. Whether that’ll be Peavy or Dempster, or someone like Lester that could draw a larger return, remains to be seen.

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