2013 ALCS: Will Bullpen Sink Detroit Tigers?

By Brent Smith
Bob DeChiara- USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Tigers has been that sketchy neighbor who you don’t completely trust but they don’t really do anything majorly obvious to receive that mistrust. Then after starting to believe in them and think that they have changed, they sleep with your wife and steal your wallet.

Joaquin Benoit slept with our wives and stole our wallets.

Max Scherzer delivered a game for the ages and it looked like the Tigers were going to cruise their way into dominance in the ALCS, but Jim Leyland decided that just letting your stud stay out and relax with a cold drink was too much to handle. So, he put the delicate baby of a game in the hands of the bullpen.

Hyperboles, aside the bullpen has been a major issue all season long, and though it had seemed to have improved from previous seasons, you just knew that an event to completely abolish most of the Tigers’ hopes would happen at some point. Yes, it’s a 1-1 series, but the entire balance has shifted in a way not yet seen since Prince Fielder chose to sit on the opposite side of the plane.

This was unforgivable, this was unacceptable and this was sadly unbelievable.

Can the Tigers work around this bullpen? Can they find ways to find that spark back and save their season? Right now, Tigers fans are just left with a lot of question and trust issues that are not going to be resolved in the time the team flies back into Detroit. You knew the bullpen had the capability to bring this season to a screeching halt, you just didn’t know when.

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