2013 Miami Marlins One Of the Worst-Hitting Teams Ever

By J.S.Cruz
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It is hard to finish last on all of the most important batting categories because on the baseball diamond, every team sets its minds on scoring runs before defeding those runs.

The 2013 Miami Marlins team, on the other hand, achieved that impressive futility, finishing last from BA, R, 2B, HR, RBI, SLG to OPS. The team also had the longest scoreless inning streak in 28 years in the big leagues: 37 innings without a run in July. In 1985, the Houston Astros went scoreless for 42 innings.

But not even the Astros with the worst record this year finished bellow the Marlins offensively. Not even the 2003 Detroit Tigers that only won 43 games finished last in those important batting stat categories. The 1998 Florida Marlins, the year of the franchise’s worst record, didn’t fall on the last echelon in this regard.

In the last 20 years, the closest team to live this nightmare was the 1993 Florida Marlins; yet this team had more hits than the New York Mets. The last time a team was this miserable at the plate for the entire season happened in 2010 in the AL with the Seattle Mariners who won 55 games.

The Marlins won 62 games this season thanks to its young and powerful arms pitching that was really established from the middle of the season on, and a decent defense. Both areas lived in the middle of MLB stats. The Marlins’ offense never found the way to put men on base, much less score enough runs even when the calls to its talented farm system started very early.

Being the last among 30 teams on every hitting stat, which makes the 2013 Marlins a VIP in the 30-30-30-30-3o club, isn’t easy to achieve. Try it.

J. S. Cruz is a Miami Marlins writer for Rantsports.com. Follow him on Twitter @jscruzme and on Facebook.

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