Near-Catch by Torii Hunter is a Top Effort in MLB Postseason History

By David Miller
MLB: ALDS-Oakland Athletics at Detroit Tigers
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All of the New England area of the United States is still buzzing about the legendary home run that sneaked over the right-center field wall at Fenway Park in game 2 of the ALCS.  David Ortiz hit the grand slam that tied the game and allowed the Boston Red Sox the chance to get the walk-off win against the Detroit Tigers and even the series. That isn’t what was most impressive about it however. Tigers right fielder Torii Hunter produced one of the all time greatest efforts to catch a home run ball in the history of the MLB postseason.

As the ball flew over the extremely short wall and into the bullpen, Hunter leaped with reckless abandon and flipped dangerously over the wall himself. The ball was maybe one or two inches at the most from the tip of his glove. Imagine just what would have been the result if he caught that ball. If the wall was normal height he likely would have caught it. He would have known that he was flying towards a wall that he could simply run up against instead of knowing in the back of his mind that he was heading towards the pint-sized bullpen wall.

There is almost zero chance that ball sneaks over the wall at any other normal ballpark; Hunter would have caught it and ended the inning with the Tigers leading 5 – 1. Because of the wall that didn’t happen but regardless of that, it was an awesome effort. If his leap would have been just a little bit higher or timed a fraction of a second better, we would all have looked at the replay over and again of the new greatest catch in postseason history. As it is, we would all do well to remember that Hunter proved once again why he is one of the best outfielders of the last few decades. It was truly amazing and most of all we are all glad he is okay.

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