Should Washington Nationals Re-Sign Dan Haren?

By Michael Terrill
Should Washington Nationals Re-Sign Dan Haren
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Starting pitcher Dan Haren went in the opposite direction following his dismal 2012 season, which is not what the Washington Nationals were looking for this year. Even though Haren proved to be the weak link in the starting rotation, should the Nationals re-sign him in an effort to keep the team intact?

Haren is one person in particular who believes it is important for Washington to keep almost all of the same personnel from this past season. The reason for this is because of the success the team had in 2012 and the potential they showed in 2013.

“This area has a lot to look forward to,” Haren said, according to the Washington Times. “I think last year, on the (Los Angeles Angels), we won I think 89-90 games and they kind of blew up the team. I think they struggled most of the year and have gotten on track lately here. I think that was the wrong thing to do.

“I know there’ll be some subtle changes, me probably being one of them, but I think the most important thing is to keep this group together. This could be a building block. Last year they had a great year. This year, we showed a lot of fight here these last few months and I think as close as things can stay to the guys in this room, I think, the better.”

In general, the rotation posted decent numbers. In fact, Haren’s presence did nothing but hurt the overall statistics. The Nationals paid him $13 million with the hope that he would help propel the team forward. Obviously, anything less than their accurate expectation is considered to be a disappointment.

I believe Haren is someone the team can let walk in free agency. As much as he could be a tremendous asset to the pitching staff, his downside is simply is not worth the money.

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