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5 Most Intriguing Young Prospects for Kansas City Royals in 2014

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5 Most Intriguing Young Prospects for Kansas City Royals in 2014

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The Kansas City Royals took a huge step toward perennial success in 2013. With consistently great starting pitching, excellent defense, timely hitting and the best bullpen in the American League, KC had their best year since the golden era of the 1980s. Although many questions cloud the perception of this team moving forward, the future will most certainly be brightened by an abundance of promising minor league talent.

The Kansas City Star recently released their own unofficial list of the Royals' top 30 prospects. They say pitching is the currency of baseball, and if that's the case, KC is accumulating comfortable wealth right now. 13 of the 30 prospects listed by Royals writer Bob Dutton are pitchers, as are five of the top 10. Dutton lists in order of what they can contribute to the major league team next year, listing the hard-throwing right-hander Yordano Ventura second and highly-touted youngster Kyle Zimmer at No. 1.

These two promising young pitchers certainly deserve further analysis, but today I'm taking a closer look at some other exciting players showing potential in the Royals' farm system that have not yet reached the big leagues. Not to be outdone by the big arms are some young position players that are catching the eye of Royals scouts and national scouts alike, some of these players make the list solely by being intriguing, while others deserve a spot for putting current Royals starters on the clock with their consistent performance. Here are the Royals' five most intriguing young position players that could surprise fans with their contributions in the near future.

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5. Terrance Gore

Terrance Gore
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Dutton states bluntly on the list that Gore is faster than Royals outfielder and offensive closer, Jarrod Dyson. If you've seen Dyson run, you don't need me to tell you how insane that is. The rest of his game is yet to be developed, but many disgruntled Royals fans would tell you the same about Dyson. If Gore can manage to provide consistent defense and average offensive production, he may get the opportunity fill Dyson's role on the bench in the near future.

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4. Daniel Rockett

Daniel Rockett
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Rockett was drafted by the Royals in the 9th round in the 2013 First-Year Player Draft. Rockett has a strong feel for hitting, earning a .310 average with 11 home runs and 53 RBI in 58 games in the Rookie Pioneer League. Dutton also states that Rockett is the kind of guy “who seems to play beyond tools.” If he can strike out less and keep up the offensive output, he may get a chance to contribute in a bigger way within the next few years. What Royals fan wouldn't love to cheer for a guy named Rockett?

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3. Hunter Dozier

Hunter Dozier
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Mike Moustakas will be looking over his shoulder for this guy until his hitting improves drastically. The Royals cannot afford to start a corner infielder every day that doesn't contribute to the offense in a somewhat consistent manner. This means Hunter Dozier has more eyes on him than ever. Dozier was considered a stretch by many around the league when the Royals picked him 8th overall, but now he has the opportunity to prove his naysayers wrong. He's known for playing solid defense and serious power, so if he can show pop with regularity, there's no telling how soon he will replace Moustakas at third base. Clock's ticking, Moose.

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2. Adalberto Mondesi

Adalberto Mondesi
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This 17 year old shortstop is the son of former big league right-fielder, Raul Mondesi. Adalberto shows a good feel for hitting at a really young age, and projects to have a plus arm and glove by the time he's MLB-ready. In the Pioneer League, Mondesi earned a .290/.346/.386 when he was only sixteen years old. His long, thin frame suggests that he has plenty of muscle to build, and his overall production at such a young age has plenty of scouts taking notice. Even at 17, Mondesi may already be putting Royals' shortstop Alcides Escobar on the clock.

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1. Bubba Starling

Bubba Starling
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Well, he better contribute, considering the $7.5 million signing bonus the Royals handed him. Scouts around the league think he has potential to be an absolute superstar, but his feel for the game is still lacking. His speed is remarkable and his defense is aided greatly by his freakish athleticism, but Starling's main contribution will come from his bat. Scouts give him a plus-plus in hitting for power and also say his hitting for contact is rapidly catching up. He's widely known as one of the best athletes in baseball, and if his mental skills can match his physical talent, he could be downright incredible.