Cincinnati Reds Rumors: Trading Homer Bailey Would be Good Move

By David Miller
Homer Bailey
Rob Leifheit-USA TODAY Sports

How many times have you heard the name Homer Bailey along with “No-Hitter”? It seems like every few months this guy throws another no-no for the Cincinnati Reds. If rumors are true however, there is a chance that Bailey might end up throwing no-hitters for someone else in the 2014 season. If they did decide to trade him, believe it or not, their reasoning actually makes sense. If you look closely enough you can see many good points behind the Reds possible trade of Bailey.

First of all he doesn’t throw a no-hitter every time out. Those make a ton of press go his direction but he is not the best starting pitcher in Major League Baseball. Bailey is solid and has been extremely good for the Reds during the past couple of seasons even when he wasn’t throwing no-nos. Still, he has apparently shown the Reds very little interest in signing a long term deal before he hits free agency soon. That is the part that makes it a good decision.

Bailey right now would still get a pretty good return on a trade. There is little doubt that someone would send the Reds a few really good young prospects to get the consistency and possible no-hitters that Bailey could bring their direction. Because they can get something for him now, the Reds really have few reasons to allow him to reach free agency and leave for nothing or almost nothing. Though it would ruffle a few feathers here and there, I believe it would be good move in the long run if it were made carefully by the Reds.

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