Kevin Towers Should Have Kept DBacks’ Pitching Intentions to Himself

By David Miller
MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Arizona Diamondbacks
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Recently Arizona Diamondbacks GM Kevin Towers made a little too much noise with his mouth. I don’t mean making some rude and funny sound, I mean overrunning his mouth talking about the DBacks 2014 pitching philosophy. Basically Towers said that he didn’t like how the DBacks were pitched inside and seemed to do nothing about it. He said that next season the DBacks would want pitchers who were willing to take an eye for an eye out on the mound. Ouch, that might have been a little too informative.

The sad thing about it is that when he went to explain his comments it just got worse. What we learned was that he thought the pitching staff stunk because they pitched middle of the plate away instead of knocking someone back in the batter’s box now and then so they could use a slider low and away. Man, why don’t you paid a target on your team’s backside Towers? Could this have been a worse comment?

Honestly I don’t disagree with what he said. Pitching inside is a critical part of the game and just as Towers suggested, if a pitching staff is unwilling to pitch inside and claim that outer half as their own, they are going to get hit hard. Chances are if they implement his suggestions with their pitching coach and manager, they will be more successful. He just should have kept his mouth closed about it and let it be a surprise; that’s all.

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