Manny Machado Will Be Better Off in 2014 After Having Knee Surgery

By David Miller
Manny Machado
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The situation with Baltimore Orioles awesome young third baseman Manny Machado has gone back and forth since his season ending knee injury. At first everyone around Major League Baseball including opposing players were extremely concerned about Machado’s future. Then shortly afterwards it was clear that the injury wasn’t nearly as serious as originally thought and it was believed that he might not even need surgery. In the end however he finally had knee surgery to repair the ligament and will be out up to six months.

Reaction to this has been more depressing than I would have thought. Who would have wanted Machado to tough out a sore knee for the rest of his career instead of missing a few weeks or even the first month plus of the 2014 season? Even if he misses a great deal of the first month it would still be better than his knee being affected negatively for the rest of his career.

The ligament is at least repaired after the surgery. Of course there will be some lasting effects but the end result will be much better for him than if he had to only rehab his way through it. If I am the Orioles, I wouldn’t even consider a move at third base or anything. Maybe shift things around and give a hot youngster a look at the start of the season if nothing else.

Machado will be there early on in the season and by the mid-point will likely be an all-star favorite at least by the people who don’t look at it as a popularity contest. The best possible outcome would be if he just hadn’t been injured in the first place. Considering what happened, missing a few weeks at the start of the season at most is not that big of a deal.

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