Minnesota Twins Will do Well Trusting Farm System for Starting Pitching

By David Miller
Minnesota Twins
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When the Minnesota Twins go on record suggesting that they will attempt to sure up their pitching staff during the off-season, I wonder what most fans think? Probably by now most figure they won’t look that hard at free agency and will eventually wind up doing basically nothing besides calling up young players from the minor leagues. The thing is, I actually would agree with the Twins on that. They should trust their farm system for strong arms before going to rent one for a short time.

The Twins just aren’t like other teams but that is a good thing most of the time. They develop great talents and have continuously done so over the years but they cannot hang on to them because of the rising salaries of MLB. They face a similar situation this off-season that they did last year. They want to sure up their pitching staff and plan to at least look at the free agent market. They seem to know already that they won’t do anything though.

That is fine. They shouldn’t. In the minor leagues they have the likes of Alex Meyer and Trevor May, two right handers that are looking very promising for the 2015 season if not a possible call-up in 2014. Also Kyle Gibson cannot be ignored either. His rookie starts didn’t go that well but he still has plenty of up-side and should perform quite well in MLB when his stuff settles in.

The Twins don’t have the money that everyone else has but they still have one of the best farm systems in all of MLB. I say why not use it? They could get themselves a winning season out of it as early as 2015. They certainly shouldn’t trade any of their home grown talent away, at least not until they are superstars and want a ton of money.

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