Who Was The Philadelphia Phillies' MVP This Season?

By Rebekah Milsted
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone knows that the Philadelphia Phillies had a terrible season in what was their first losing season since 2002. Also they failed to make the playoffs for the second year in a row. But each team has an MVP for the season, so who is the Phillies’?

This is a difficult decision because the Phillies’ offense was not very good this season. They failed to score runs, and it seemed like their bats were asleep all season.

My decision would be Chase Utley. He would be my pick because he came back from a knee injury that most people had doubt he would be able to return from. He played almost every game with that occasional day off and showed everyone that he wanted to play and was not going to give up.

His injury did not take away from his talent either. He ended the season with the highest average in the starting lineup with .284. He was one of the players you could rely on during the season as he had 69 RBI with 18 home runs. That home run number may seem a little low, but Utley has never been too much of a power hitter.

Utley cares a lot about his team. He never has a lot to say it, but you can always tell he leads them in the right direction. This season he did that by showing his teammates not to give up when put down by an injury. Utley may have bad knees, but he didn’t let them stop him. He played the best that he could even if his team wasn’t winning, and he tried to get his team back on the winning track.

People may think another player was the Phillies’ MVP, but there aren’t that many to choose from as the Phillies did not have a memorable season. Utley never gave up which is why I am choosing him as the Phillies’ MVP.

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