ALCS 2013: Detroit Tigers Will Need To Lean On Pitching Staff To Overcome 2-1 Series Deficit

By Ryan Wenzell

The Detroit Tigers are now up against it with a 2-1 series deficit and having to deal with Jake Peavy and Boston Red Sox ace Jon Lester the next two days. It looks like a very precarious position for the Tigers to be in.

There is one thing and one thing only that will get them back into this series and see them potentially win it: Their A-plus starting pitching staff. Pitching is the great equalizer in October. Despite have the game’s best hitter in Miguel Cabrera the Tigers simply don’t have the offensive horses to match the Red Sox on the scoreboard.

They are going to need to rely on great pitching, good team defense, and hope to pull out a few low scoring affairs to advance to their second straight World Series. If the Tigers do somehow find a way to tie this series tonight they may have a huge advantage.

They will still have Anibal Sanchez, the man who came out of the game with a no hitter, Max Scherzer, a shoo-in for this year’s AL Cy Young award, and the playoff dominant Justin Verlander to throw at the Red Sox.

That could easily be three wins if the Tigers’ offense gives them any sort of run support. As solid as the Red Sox’ starting pitching has been there is a bit of a drop off after Lester, and it’s something the Tigers need to take advantage of.

They say pitching wins in October. By that token the Tigers should be a shoo-in for a second straight World Series berth. However, as we have seen the last few days anything can happen in the playoffs. The Tigers bullpen let them down big time in what looked like a sure 2-0 series lead for their ball club, and that turned the series completely on its head.

The Tigers’ starting pitching is going to have to be relied on to tilt the momentum back.

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