Like It Or Not, The St. Louis Cardinals Are The Class Of Major League Baseball

By Randy Holt

A great deal has been made recently about the St. Louis Cardinals and a certain arrogance that the team carries around with them. That buzz has been generated primarily by their negative view of Yasiel Puig, after the Los Angeles Dodgers star outlandishly knocked in a couple of runs on a triple in Game 3 of the National League Championship Series.

This has led to something of a backlash against the Cards across the internet, with folks going out of their way to point out times when the Cardinals have acted in a similar fashion during these very playoffs. While the hypocrisy may not be necessary, the Cardinals are a team that has every right to roll around like that.

The Cards are the model organization in Major League Baseball. This has led to them being one of the more hated clubs in the bigs. Not that some of the negativity being cast toward them isn’t warranted, but the Cardinals really are the class of the MLB.

This is an organization that has built from within. Sure, there are some big names that have come from the outside, including Carlos Beltran, but for the most part, the Cardinals are the envy of the world in terms of their ability to develop talent. We’ve seen no names come up and find immediate success. Heck, Matt Carpenter was an All Star this season.

We’ve seen the Cardinals’ ability to draft and develop talent in full gear during this postseason. Michael Wacha has the makings of a dominant starter. Joe Kelly has come up big for them in multiple appearances after latching onto a starting job late in the year. Carlos Martinez has electric stuff. Trevor Rosenthal is a dominant arm out of the ‘pen. The list goes on, and that’s just the pitching.

When you find the type of success that the Cardinals have found in player development, you’re going to attract some negative attention for just that. The Cardinals are the envy of the baseball world, and until something drastically changes in their front office, they’re going to continue to be in the mix for a championship year in and year out.

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