New Lineup Could Be The Difference For Detroit Tigers

By Brent Smith

Jim Leyland doesn’t like change. If it was up to Jim Leyland things would be the way they have always been and you would leave him alone so he could smoke his cigarettes and eat his noodles alone in the dugout. So when the Detroit Tigers and Jim Leyland announced the radical new lineup of moving everyone up a space and moving Austin Jackson down to eighth, you heard a gasp throughout Tigers nation. You knew something major was happening when Jim Leyland decides to change something so radically as this was the guy who rode Jose Valverde until he hit an iceberg. Leyland finally learned he needed to change, and it may be the difference in the Tigers season.

The offense sparked finally after being tamed for so long and the Tigers now have a renewed sense of life as the series now turns into a best-of-three scenario. This rejuvenation and shuffle has pulled the Tigers back into the series and now could be the reason the Tigers can get past this talented Boston Red Sox team. Torii Hunter is able to give quality, professional at bats in the leadoff spot which is now giving the team more confidence and presenting more of a challenge to the Red Sox pitchers. No one questions that the pitching on this team is World Series caliber, but now with a lineup that can be diverse and hard to face, it could be the team so many thought preseason.

This offense now can roar, it’s crazy how one little move can trigger such huge reactions but there is no doubt this move couldn’t have come at a better time for the Tigers. Now they can feel confident knowing they have a lineup that can produce the runs needed to support this fabulous pitching staff. It’s still quite a road ahead but if Jim Leyland leaves the newly improved lineup as is. you have to like the Tigers’ chances.

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