Texas Rangers: Is Jose Dariel Abreu Worth the Money?

By Michael Terrill
Texas Rangers Is Jose Dariel Abreu Worth the Money
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Many teams appear to be interested in slugger Jose Dariel Abreu, with the Texas Rangers being one of them. Just because the Cuban is having his name pop up everywhere, does not mean that he is worth the predicted $60 million price tag that is attached to him. With that being said, the Rangers could certainly use a player with his power and talent at the plate, which is why he certainly could be worth taking a chance on.

Some may say that Abreu is not worth the money. However, what team would not want to give someone who has been compared to Miguel Cabrera $10 million per season over a six-year span. The 26-year-old has tremendous power and has come close to recording two Triple Crowns during his time in the Cuban National Series league. Not to mention, he dominated during the World Baseball Classic, which is a big reason why the buzz continues to grow.

Is Abreu Major League ready? That is certainly a big question that will weigh heavily on the minds of owners everywhere. Some say he could fit right in and bring instant run production to any team that is lucky to field him. If the Rangers had him on their squad this year there is no doubt they would have made the playoffs. On the flip side, some agree that it might be better for him to begin 2014 in the minors. Regardless, he will show up in the majors at some point next season no matter what team he plays for.

There are some areas that Abreu could struggle in right out of the gate, which is expected from a rookie. However, he will be able to make up for it at the plate.

“If you throw him 90-92 [mph] inside, he gets beat a lot,” said a scout for a National League club, according to ESPN.com. “I don’t think he’s going to hit a good hard fastball in. But there’s a lot of marginal pitching out there. The No. 1 and 2 starters are going to get him out, but he’s going to feast on the 3, 4 and 5 guys. That’s where he’s going to make his money.

“His swing is thick and sort of stiff. His front arm gets kind of rigid, and it’s more a strength swing than a real quick bat. But he’s a smart hitter, and he’s not just up there swinging out of his butt. He’s crafty. I think he’ll make the adjustments.”

Even though Mitch Moreland hit 24 home runs in 2013, his numbers lacked elsewhere. The fact that Abreu would carry little risk is certainly a huge plus in signing him. Along with that point, the Rangers could definitely use a solid performer at first base next year.

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