Can Jimmy Rollins Help The Philadelphia Phillies?

By Rebekah Milsted
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Jimmy Rollins had one of his worst seasons for the Philadelphia Phillies in 2013. He let everyone down to the point where the question came up of if he should be traded. Rollins came out to say that he would not accept the trade as he has a no trade clause in his contract, but can he help the team 2014?

Rollins ended up hitting .252 this season with six home runs and just 39 RBI when in past seasons he usually drives in more than 60. Sure the Phillies didn’t have a lot of offense this season, but Rollins was one of the least productive. He used to be clutch, but this season not so much.

Rollins has been with the Phillies since 2000 and is the oldest veteran on the team. He may not want to be traded, but it might be time for a change if he doesn’t start to pick things up. Rollins is supposed to be a leader, yet he hasn’t been proving he can do much.

In past seasons Rollins used to have averages way above .250 and even close to .300. He used to be dependable. If the Phillies want to be a playoff team they are going to have to have a good leadoff or number two hitter. That should be Rollins’ job as he has speed on the base paths.

Rollins is going to be 35 going into the 2014 season, and if he cannot get his game going then something has to be done. He may want to stay with the Phillies, but the organization also wants to be winners. Rollins can’t help the Phillies forever.

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