Detroit Tigers Should Still Like Their ALCS Chances

By Brent Smith
Kyle Terada- USA TODAY Sports

Most teams when you see are 3-2 down heading on the road for the final two games you automatically kill off. I mean out of 17 occurrences, only four times has it happened that a team down 3-2 has won the next two on the road. How can the Detroit Tigers rebound from losing two of three at home when they really should have won all three? How can the Tigers win in a place that has historically been a nightmare for them? The answer is Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander.

No team has the combination punch that the Tigers can throw at a team. They are the reason alone why the Tigers’ players still feel like they have more than a fighting chance and why no Boston Red Sox player is ready to even crack a smile just yet. No matter what has gone wrong from the offense, the bullpen, the defense, all that matters is Scherzer and Verlander have the chance every time they take the mound to post shutouts, especially in big moments. These are the games that Scherzer and Verlander absolutely live for.

The Red Sox’ strategy is obviously going to be to wait them out and try to get the pitch count up, but at this stage Jim Leyland may just pitch both until their arms fall off. You ride with the horse you came in on, and the Tigers have their two horses set up to either ride to the World Series or ride home. No Tigers fan wanted to have to win both games in Boston, but I can assure you Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander would have it no other way.

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