Miami Marlins’ Giancarlo Stanton Reminds Us of the ’90s

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Very deep, steps from the fence, outfielders position themselves every time the Miami Marlins’ slugger Giancarlo Stanton step into the batter box.

His fly balls are high and deep shots, if they are not homers.

In a down season, Stanton hit 24 home runs coming from his season high of 37 homers in 2012. While he had an AB/HR of 17.7, his MLB career AB/HR is still good, averaging 14.9.

Of his homers in the 2013 season, Stanton’s shortest home run traveled 369 feet, one of the seven homers to go below 400 feet. The farthest of his homers landed 463 feet away from the plate, with an elevation of 104 feet at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia.

The swing of his home runs never decreased from 100.4 mph this year.

In 2012, Stanton hit one of 494 feet at the Coors Field in Colorado. The velocity of his swing on this one was 116 mph. The fastest swing he had in 2012 was 122 mph against Colorado Rockies’ Jamie Moyer. The ball broke the scoreboard on Marlins Park’s left field flying 462 feet.

Stanton is yet to hit a ball softly over the fence. He has no lucky home runs or just enough, categories ESPN Home Runs Tracker uses to measure home runs quality, where even Miguel Cabrera has his name spelled out there.

His homers remind everyone of ‘90s blasts, the so-called steroid era; only that his power is raw and will be contained in the park if a Hollywood’s superhero plays the outfield.

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  • uandme

    I hope he has a better 2014

  • youli

    I hope them the best 2014

  • Joe Ticket

    I hope for his sake he gets traded to the Red Sox or Yankees. He deserves to be in a hitters ballpark protected in a good lineup. His potential is HOF but it is being stunted in Miami even though the Marlins will be much improved
    in the next couple of years. If the Sox gave up Dubront, Middlebrooks or Cechini, (which with Moran should guarantee they will have a 3rd baseman,) one of their catching prospects and another top pitching prospect either Barnes or Renaudo, both teams should do it and both teams and Stanton will benefit.

    • tara

      Let’s say what you say goes right for both teams, but how do you explain the move to the few marlins fans that go to marlins park? They go to see two last names: Stanton and Fernandez…that would be the end for the franchise….I do believe they will add a established hitter to protect Stanton for next year…not to forget Yelich for a full season!!!

      • Joe Ticket

        If the Marlins win more and become contenders in the same manner as they did two other times when they won it all fans will come back plus new fans will be made. We know they cannot afford and will not pay the big time bucks to keep Stanton from leaving via free agency in a couple years so why not go for that once in a decade perfect storm formula People hate to admit it but Lorias no fool and the Marlins formula works. Like the A’s they have there own way and understandably fans do not like it when they trade beloved players but you will fall in love with the new players I say load up on young affordable talent that all may bloom in 2015. Orzuna, Yellich, Mairsnik could be a pretty good OF Hechavarria is ok I have to believe Brantley or Realmuto will be OK but they should get a top catcher , see what Martin meant to the Pirates. With more chips gotten in trades you fill in the rest of the infield and I’m looking forward to seeing Avery Romero in Jupiter next season. Maybe he’s the 2bm in 15 But whatever it is pitching that they will be super deep with Heaney, Nicolino, Conley,Flynn, Sanchez, Eovaldi Fernandez Turner and whomever they cop in the trade.. don’t worry about it . Enjoy Giancarlos future success like we do Miggy’s.. It’s just the way it works here.