Prince Fielder Is Like Snorlax To The Detroit Tigers

By Brent Smith
Andrew Weber- USA TODAY Sports

Snorlax, a Pokémon who likes to sleep, eat and block pathways. Prince Fielder, a guy who likes to sleep, eat and block most of the hope of the Detroit Tigers making the World Series. The similarities between the two are incredible with Snorlax always blocking the way in the most critical moments of the game and Prince Fielder having tanking postseason numbers each year he has made the postseason. The only differences are that Snorlax doesn’t swing at the first pitch and isn’t being paid $200 million for his sleep time.

All comparisons aside, yes we know Prince Fielder has had to deal with personal problems this season, and I am sure no one can really put themselves in an athlete’s shoes as to how to deal with divorce and also the pressures associated with being judged and criticized on every at bat. Those reasons should be taken in, but if Prince Fielder is unable to do his job for whatever reason then it is up to the team and him to make the proper move of either shifting him down in the lineup like they did for Austin Jackson or removing him completely. What is unacceptable is to keep batting him in key areas and to expect people to be okay with him contributing the same amount of RBI this postseason as I have.

Eventually Snorlax is moved with a magic flute that awakens him to battle, so if I am Jim Leyland I am finding every flute I can right now. Let’s just hope the Tigers awaken their sleeping giant before the Boston Red Sox go ahead and catch him.

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