Should The Philadelphia Phillies Re-Sign John Lannan?

By Rebekah Milsted
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Phillies signed pitcher John Lannan to a one-year contract, last offseason. They hoped that he would make a difference in their rotation. Unfortunately that did not work out, as Lannan spent most of the season on the disabled list. Lannan just recently elected to become a free agent. As the Phillies need to make their rotation stronger, should they consider re-signing Lannan?

Lannan started just 14 games. He had a record of 3-6 and an ERA of 5.33 which is quite high. He only had 38 strike outs which is low for a starting pitcher. Lannan gave up 86 hits and 44 earned runs. He just couldn’t get his game going.

It could be a risk for the Phillies to take him on. He is recovering from a knee surgery. It isn’t as important as an arm surgery,yet it still involves a lot of time. Pitchers need to be able to go into their motion and pitch off the mound. The knee will still be involved and the Phillies do not know if it will be fully recovered.

Lannan is also not that reliable as a pitcher. In his time with the Washington Nationals his ERA was still over four and he had losing records. The Phillies need a pitcher that can bring in wins if they want to make it to the playoffs. Lannan does not seem to be that guy.

Lannan had the opportunity to show what he could bring to the Phillies’ rotation but it wasn’t what they are looking for. If the Phillies do decide to re-sign him, he has a lot to prove and must stay healthy. Hopefully they will let him move on.

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