Can Michael Wacha Sustain His Postseason Success For St. Louis Cardinals?

By Ryan Wenzell

We all know Michael Wacha has been brilliant this postseason for the St. Louis Cardinals. He has fooled hitters throughout October with his sneaky good fastball that sits in the mid 90’s and an outstanding change up that is making professional hitters look silly.

The real question is can he sustain this? Right now while brilliant he is a two-pitch pitcher with not very much variety in his arsenal. We have seen many a pitcher have great rookie success only to be figured out by pro hitters in his second and third time around.

The Cardinals will be taking on either the Boston Red Sox or Detroit Tigers in the World Series. Neither of these teams are offensive slouches especially the Red Sox. Will Wacha’s dominant postseason continue? As great a story as he is in this postseason, my money is on no.

The Tigers and Red Sox are on a whole different level than the Dodgers offensively. They feature two of the best hitters in the world in Miguel Cabrera and David Ortiz. They also feature a loaded lineup behind them. Wacha will have to be near picture perfect especially if he goes up against the Tigers and their pitching staff who simply don’t make mistakes.

Wacha is a rookie. He will only improve from here. The run he has been on this season is something we haven’t seen from a rookie pitcher maybe ever. Hitters, however, inevitably always adjust and figure pitchers out especially at the highest level … World Series baseball. While Wacha’s story this season has been incredible, the run may end here.


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