Concerns About GM Kevin Towers’ Moves and Words are Warranted

By David Miller
Arizona Diamondbacks
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Recently I wrote an article about Arizona Diamondbacks GM Kevin Towers allowing too much of what he was thinking come out of his mouth while reporters were around. Basically he wasn’t that wrong, it is just something that he didn’t need to express for the record and then dig himself deeper as he tried to explain it. He has also said something else now, this time about his team. Towers suggests the DBacks having fallen out of contention was due to them having a lack of toughness. Again, there is just no reason for anyone but his organization to hear that.

Also this opens Towers up for scrutiny by basically anyone and everyone. Let’s join in shall we? The argument could be made and some have already made it, that the DBacks fell out of contention this season because of the lack of a properly built roster. The trade of Chris Johnson and Justin Upton to the Atlanta Braves doesn’t look great on him even though he did get a solid Martin Prado and promising Randall Delgado from it.

After all Johnson was almost the National League batting champ and Upton had streaks that carried his team in power. Both could be seen as questionable moves. Add to that the trade of starting pitcher Ian Kennedy for what many think was a low return. All of these things seem completely ridiculous to me since the reason they fell out of the race was much simpler than that.

They fell out because the Los Angeles Dodgers had one of the greatest stretches in the history of the game. Even then they almost climbed back in the area of the wildcard race. The team was fine and only needed a few things here and there. They might not be fine now that all of this junk has come out. I guess we’ll see.

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