Los Angeles Dodgers Cannot Blame Yasiel Puig for NLCS Game 6 Loss

By David Miller
Yasiel Puig
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

There are few happy people associated with the Los Angeles Dodgers right now after they were blown away in game six of the NLCS against the St. Louis Cardinals. No one likes to see a great back and forth series lost in a blowout, least of all the team that gets blown out of course. There seems to be a trend of throwing a lot of blame at rookie sensation Yasiel Puig for his role in the loss but that is ridiculous. No one should be able to place any blame at all for this loss with Puig.

Puig is responsible for a few things like not playing the best angle on the ball he missed on one bounce. Also he had two bad throws and he didn’t do anything with the bat but that doesn’t make the loss his fault. Goodness sakes, this team had their best pitcher, everyone’s best pitcher on the mound in Clayton Kershaw. Puig was not the problem, Kershaw was. And in that line of thinking the blame can probably go to Don Mattingly for pitching Kershaw on short rest for the first time in his career against the Atlanta Braves in the division series.

It is really easy to place blame on all kinds of people but the real reason the Dodgers lost had very little to do with them. They didn’t play a good game, sure. Yes, they were unfocused and appeared to be distracted. That didn’t cause them to lose though; it caused them to be blown out. The great game played by the Cardinals and Michael Wacha is what beat the Dodgers. They shouldn’t focus on why they gave up nine runs when they were only able to manage two hits.

Next year will be better. Puig will be back and more experienced. He knows more now than he knew when he started. The freakishly awesome skills and risk taking will be there but in time he will learn when to take those risks and when not to. The only thing that can go badly for the Dodgers next season is if the overuse of Kershaw comes back to bite him and the Dodgers. On behalf of the rest of the world of Major League Baseball, I hope and pray his elbow will be just fine.

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