New York Mets Are Built For Postseason If They Can Get There


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If you’ve been watching the 2013 MLB postseason, you’ve probably noticed a trend: pitching wins.

Runs have been scarce in these playoffs, and at times it seems like just putting balls in play is a struggle for hitters. Despite their utter frustration and impatience, New York Mets fans should watch these playoffs and smile, because Sandy Alderson and company are building a Mets team that’s built for the postseason — that is, if they can ever get there.

The Mets haven’t been a playoff caliber team in quite some time, but ultimately, they will field a team that’s built to win in the postseason. The Mets are rebuilding around great pitching. We’ve seen Matt Harvey, Zack Wheeler and the re-emergence of Jenrry Mejia, as well as established starters Jon Niese and Dillon Gee.

Soon we’ll see Noah Syndergaard, Jacob deGrom, Rafael Montero and others. When the Mets eventually get everyone healthy and eventually get all of their prospects to the big leagues, they will have a large contingent of young power arms — the kind that can win in the postseason.

No one’s saying the Mets’ staff will be on par with the St. Louis Cardinals, who cultivate young pitching better than any other organization in baseball, but the Mets do have a strong collection of young pitchers who could ultimately profile as front-of-the-rotation power pitchers.

Imagining Harvey, Wheeler, and Syndergaard leading a rotation into the playoffs in the year 2015 or soon after should make Mets’ fans giddy, because that’s a rotation that could potentially dominate a five or seven-game series.

Of course, the tricky part is forming a team that can survive 162 games and come out on top of the NL East, which could be the preeminent division in baseball in the years to come. That will be the tough part for Alderson and the Mets’ front office.

But if they can ever find their way into the playoffs, they will have the kind of pitching that will have them set up for postseason success.

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  • NCMetsFan

    What have you been smoking? Harveys out till 2015, with no guarantee he’ll return to form, Wheeler is one pitch away from TJ surgery with his mechanics, Neise is inconsistent, DeGrom is a joke as a prospect (where are the stats to call him a prospect). And Mejia has yet to complete a healthy season. Now Syndergaard and Montero are legit high end prospects so there is hope. But to call this team built for the playoffs is more than a stretch. Let’s not forget the pletora of holes and weaknesses that teams built for the playoffs don’t have. There are two holes in the OF, holes at 1B and SS, questions about d’Arnaud being ready behind the plate, and a severe lack of positional talent coming through the minors. That last fact alone means that if trades have to be made to fill the other holes they will have to deal from their only strength, pitching. And doing that entails great risk if another serious pitching injury occurs (Wheeler , Neise anyone?). So, just how is this team built for the playoffs?