Baltimore Orioles Bringing in New Pitching Coach Could Matter

By David Miller
Rick Adair
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn’t exactly front page Major League Baseball news but the Baltimore Orioles made it known that they are not going to bring back pitching coach Rick Adair for the 2014 season. This probably stems from the way the 2013 Orioles pitching staff proved over and again how great hitting cannot win without decent to good pitching. The fact of the matter is that the bad performance is most certainly not only Adair’s doing if any at all. Still, a new face might do wonders for the situation.

I don’t look at the pitching coach as the same as a manager in that they shouldn’t be blamed for lackadaisical play of their players. The pitching coach is the one that sets and manages the off-day routines of each of the players as well as many aspects of their work between starts which is really where the important work is done for any major league pitcher. That means that it is actually very possible that a group of pitchers could have a slightly different outlook of even a drastically different approach with a new face at pitching coach.

Whether or not hiring a new pitching coach will do a world of good is anyone’s guess but after the way their 2013 campaign went badly towards the end and cost them the postseason, you figure that something had to be done. There is a high likelihood that some of these guys won’t be back at all on the starting and relief staffs as well but those that do return might very well benefit from the change that a new coach will bring. Not a great move by the Orioles but not a fruitless one either as long as they hire well.

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