Two Miami Marlins Pitchers Among the Fastest in 2013

By J.S.Cruz
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

In 2013, the Miami Marlins had two of the fastest starters in the MLB. Because how they mixed their velocity, one is considered a strikeout pitcher while the other didn’t impress in the K column.

Neither of the two pitched for the complete season. Nathan Eovaldi led the majors in velocity with a 96.1 mph average. He got injured in the spring training and came back towards the middle of the season throwing 106.1 innings. Eovaldi used his fastball 70 percent of the time.

Jose Fernandez was seventh on the velocity rank at 94.8 mph, and the principal factor behind that was he used his fastball 57.3 percent of the time. Fernandez did not finish the last three weeks of season, as the team had set a limit of 170 innings for this rookie season, but he threw 172.2 innings in total.

Fernandez had 9.75 K/9 while Eovaldi averaged 6.60 K/9. The prior best season by a Marlins pitcher in the K/9 category belongs to Ricky Nolasco in 2011 with 9.49.

In the 2013 bullpen, no Marlin appeared among the first 40 pitchers in velocity. Yet through history, the Marlins have had live arms in the bullpen. Two Marlins pitchers have one of their fastballs among the 20 fastest fastballs ever to have been thrown, according to

These were relievers Robb Nen with a fastball at 102 mph in 1997, and Matt Lindstrom pitched a 102 mph fastball in 2007. Nen has the franchise’s highest K/9 with 9.40 among relievers.

A pitcher velocity is primordial and is what the scouts look for, but a pitcher’s greatness depends how he uses it.

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