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2013 MLB World Series: 5 Reasons Why John Farrell Deserves the Title

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2013 MLB World Series: 5 Reasons Why John Farrell Deserves the Title

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John Farrell has done an incredible job of getting the Boston Red Sox turned back around. He earned himself the manager position with the Toronto Blue Jays following the 2011 season despite the Red Sox' late season meltdown. Then, after a terrible year in 2012 the Red Sox needed a new manager for the second season in a row, and they reached out to Farrell.

Farrell came back to Boston because the players and city held him in incredibly high esteem. From day one it was clear bringing back Farrell was the right decision. The team had a certain looseness combined with a highly competitive atmosphere that had Red Sox fans cautiously reminded of the 2004 team.

The starting pitchers pitched significantly better than they had the previous season and a half, there were platoons without any players complaining about playing time, and it seemed to all be going well.

Farrell brought the attitude back to the Red Sox that the city of Boston had been longing to see again for the previous year and a half. He also brought pride in the team back to Boston as he walked away from a contract with a division rival spending lots of money in free agency to go to the team he truly loves being a part of.

In a season that saw the city of Boston witness a terrible tragedy, Farrell stood tall with his team, who have represented the city well, and will fight to the end to bring a World Series trophy home the city of Boston.

This series has some incredible matchups and some great talent. There will be great moments, some more out of nowhere than others, but that is why predicting the bold moments can be so much fun.

Here are five other reasons John Farrell himself deserves a World Series ring on his finger this season.

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5. Clay Buchholz, Jon Lester, and John Lackey

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Clay Buchholz, Jon Lester, and John Lackey really struggled in 2012. Buchholz improved his ERA from 4.56 to 1.74 in just a year, Lester from 4.82 to 3.75, and Lackey had an ERA of 6.41 in 2011, did not pitch due to injury in 2012, and has an ERA of 3.52 in 2013. All three pitchers at the top of the rotation improved significantly with the return of John Farrell, and that is no coincidence.

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4. Koji Uehara

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Andrew Bailey and Joel Hanrahan have received big contracts to be the closer of the Red Sox over the past two years, but both have spent more time on the DL than on the mound. Instead, John Farrell turned to a 38 year old pitcher with 14 career saves on his resume. That pitcher is Koji Uehara, who saved 21 games this season and won the ALCS MVP.

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3. Jonny Gomes, Daniel Nava, Mike Carp, and Mike Napoli

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When a team continuously rotates four players between two positions and never fully commits to any one guy, it is very easy for there to be tension in the clubhouse. But instead of tension, Mike Carp, Mike Napoli, Daniel Nava, and Jonny Gomes have come together and backed one another throughout the season and been incredibly productive. John Farrell created a culture of team first that all four guys bought into completely.

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2. Stability in the Clubhouse

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The Boston Red Sox in 2011 under Terry Francona absolutely collapsed down the stretch, and that was before the chicken and beer saga became well known. Then in 2012, under new manager Bobby Valentine, the Red Sox managed to lose 93 games and the players completely rebelled against the coaching staff. Then this year, the players and coaches were on the same page all year, and that is thanks to John Farrell.

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1. From Worst to First in AL East

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When a team like the Boston Red Sox loses 93 games in a year, a huge change is a necessity, but the Red Sox didn’t do it in the typical large market way. They did not go sign big name free agents; instead they brought in a manager that knows the city and team well and brought in guys that fit. Mike Napoli and Jonny Gomes created the beard phenomenon that has taken Boston by storm, and Shane Victorino has been as good a defensive right fielder as there is in the game today. You can’t make a jump from one year to the next without being solid from the top, and that is what John Farrell has brought to the Red Sox.