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5 Reasons Why the 2013 World Series Will be Won by the Boston Red Sox

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5 Reasons Why the 2013 World Series Will be Won by the Boston Red Sox

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It hasn’t happened in nearly 20 years that the two best teams in Major League Baseball met on baseball’s biggest stage. The 2013 World Series is finally going to repeat that feat when the Boston Red Sox face the St. Louis Cardinals in the Fall Classic. Their records being the best in their respective leagues are not the only similarities about these two teams however. As it shapes up to be a real classic of a series, there are reasons that the Red Sox should win.

They both have great starting pitching staffs and each team has good to great bullpens. Timely hitting is something each of them can boast about as well. The Cardinals were able to defeat a very tough team with a great pitching staff in the NLCS while the Red Sox defeated a team with a great pitching staff in the ALCS. The similarities go on down to both teams having a strong home field advantage though it is for different reasons.

It seems that the Red Sox have a slight advantage as the two teams prepare to give us what should be six or seven games of nail-biting baseball excitement. There are a few reasons for that which stand out and we will look at those top five reasons that the Red Sox will win the Classic. These are the big ones but there could be surprises as well. Let me know in the comments section below what advantages or disadvantages the Red Sox have.

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5 – Systematic and Relentless Offense

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One of the reasons that the Cardinals were able to crack the Dodgers pitching so well is because of their steady offensive attack. They are about to get a taste of their own medicine with the systematic offensive capabilities of the Red Sox. There are a couple of power hitting studs but for the most part this is a team that can get shutout by Adam Wainwright for six innings then ding and flip their way to loading the bases with none out. This taste of their own medicine will prove to be enough to put a few runs on the board for the Red Sox which the starting staff and relievers will make stick.

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4 – Having Overcome Adversity

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The 2013 Red Sox have everything from the Boston bombing to their own worst to first journey to spur them along. These guys have earned the spot they currently sit in and have all the confidence in the world because of the things they have overcome. Some say the Cardinals have a clear pitching advantage. They do but guess what? So did the Detroit Tigers and they are sitting at home with their likely Cy-Young winner and recent Cy-Young winner. Overpowering pitching is nothing new for the Red Sox to have to overcome. They just did it a few days ago.

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3 – Starting Pitching

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Yes the Cardinals probably have a clear advantage on paper in the starting pitching department. As was just pointed out however, the Tigers had the same thing with Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander. This team is able to throw Jon Lester, Clay Buchholz and John Lackey against anyone else’s top three and win baseball games. They did it all year long, in the ALDS and ALCS, and they are about to do it once again in the World Series.

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2 – Fenway Park Advantage

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Both teams in the Series will have a nice home field advantage when they play in their home stadium but nothing compares to Fenway Park and no one plays Fenway better than the Red Sox. A week of prep cannot compare to the home part of a 162 game schedule. These guys know how to play the nooks and crannies of their stadium and it will make a difference since they have the actual home field advantage in the series. Wacha will learn how irritating it is to give up a deep can-o-corn easy pop fly that goes over the fence in left or bounces back for an easy double instead. It will come into play. It always does.

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1 – Dominance of Red Sox Bullpen

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Koji Uehara is obviously the anchor of the bullpen but make no mistake they are all good. He is lights out but so is basically everyone else. During the postseason so far their collective ERA as a bullpen is 0.84. The Cardinals bullpen is good too but still falls a full run behind the Red Sox at 1.85. In a series so evenly matched, this advantage should come into play and it will favor the Red Sox when it does.