Detroit Tigers' Offseason Packed With Decisions

By Brent Smith
Tim Fuller- USA TODAY Sports

If you thought finding a new manager was going to be the most intense issue on the Detroit Tigers‘ plate this offseason you will be pretty surprised when I tell you that the new manager will only be the tip of the iceberg of what the Tigers need to do this offseason. So many contractual decisions have to be made within the next few months it would make a lawyer’s head spin. Max Scherzer, Jhonny Peralta, Omar Infante and Joaquin Benoit will be the names you are going to be hearing a lot these next few months.

Why was Max Scherzer’s name on that list? Sure the other three are free agents, but Scherzer is under arbitration for next season and is one of the biggest parts to the entire Tigers organization; what could the Tigers possibly be thinking of doing with him? The sad fact is the Tigers cannot afford another $20 million a year player unless owner Mike Ilitch decides he doesn’t like money anymore, so the common thought is that a trade needs to happen this offseason to maximize the return value the Tigers receive so that they don’t have him leave in free agency for nothing or lose value by next trading deadline. The Tigers have three months to decide if they are going to be the new New York Yankees or slow it down a bit and try to build a team of balance and value.

So you have an organizational conflict, you have several gigantic names on the verge of leaving and you have several potential big names coming. The Tigers will either trade or sign some big bullpen arms, likely another outfielder and of course the new manager. To say the next few months are going to be chaos for the Detroit Tigers would be a giant understatement. It is fun, it is scary but it is necessary to try to shake up a team that just couldn’t get over the hump. The next few months will send the Tigers into a whole new direction with new results, and hopefully the new formula is the recipe the Tigers have lacked all of these years.

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