Jim Leyland Owns Detroit Tigers' Failures By Stepping Down As Manager

By Andrew Fisher

In a move that a good amount of people were expecting, Jim Leyland has stepped down as manger of the Detroit Tigers. The long-time skipper apparently told his team at the end of the ALCS that he would not be returning in 2014. He cited that someone younger needs to have the job. At 68 years of age, you can’t really argue that logic from the skipper.

As good as Leyland has been in Detroit, many people thought this was the right move for business. The bar is no doubt set extremely high at World Series or bust and 2013 was yet another bust. Some might call that unfair, but that’s the reality for the Tigers. They’re a team that was expected to make it back to the World Series and it just didn’t happen this year. It’s also just one year after they were swept out of the Fall classic.

Somebody’s head had to roll in Detroit and Leyland made the most sense. He obviously knew that and he took action. There’s a good chance that the Tigers would have had him back for one more run, but I’m sure in his mind this was it, win or lose.

So at 68, there’s a very good chance that Leyland is done for good. He’s managed for 22 long years and there’s not a lot left for him to accomplish. If he really wanted another ring, he would have stayed in Detroit. I think this resignation by the skipper will lead to his official retirement that will be announced in the near future.


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