Should Philadelphia Phillies’ Domonic Brown Be Criticized For What Football Team He Likes?

By Rebekah Milsted
Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

The City of Philadelphia has a theory. If you like one Philadelphia sports team, then you should be a fan of all of them. They believe that should be true for the athletes of Philadelphia as well.

Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Domonic Brown made that mistake on Sunday afternoon. He posted a picture on his Twitter page showing that he was a Dallas Cowboys fan. The Philadelphia Eagles and Cowboys have a longtime rivalry. This caused a big outrage with fans. They came out to say how un-loyal and unfaithful Brown is to the city of Philadelphia.

That brings up the question — is it wrong for Brown to root for a team that is not from Philadelphia? I could see it being a problem if he was putting up pictures on Twitter of cheering for a different baseball team during the regular season. For it to be a completely different sport, what is the big deal? He was not born in Philadelphia, so why can he not root for the team that he grew up cheering for?

Brown believes that the fans of Philadelphia dislike him. He made a comment on his Twitter that the fans boo him almost every night. He has done a lot for this city this season. He was one of the most productive offensive players. He was a Player of the Month and also an All-Star for the National League.

If you took a survey of the Phillies’ roster, how many would say they are Eagles fans? The chance of them all being birds fans is not likely. They can support them as they play for the same city, but can have another favorite team.

The fans of Philadelphia have to learn to accept this. There are other teams out there besides the teams of Philadelphia. Brown can like whoever he wants to and still be dedicated to the fans, along with his team. He most likely will be the left fielder next season and deserves to be respected as he is a great up-and-coming player.

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