Concerning Off-Season Deals, Baltimore Orioles Hands Might be Tied

By David Miller
Chris Davis
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Over the past few seasons the Baltimore Orioles have become easy to like for some reason or another. Maybe it is the same thing that makes the Tampa Bay Rays easy to like; the fact that they are fighting the super-powers of the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. Whatever it is that draws our attention to this team, we should all expect a bit more silence during the off-season than one might assume for a standard Major League Baseball team. Allow me to explain.

The Orioles first baseman Chris Davis had what anyone on Earth would see as a huge breakout season. That is great for him and the team but it also means he will probably get a substantial arbitration raise. I doubt the Orioles or anyone else would deny him that. The same could be said of closer Jim Johnson. You can see a trend starting here right?

There are players that will make more money this next season which will help the payroll climb higher. It reportedly could approach the $100MM mark depending on who they sign and do not sign. No big deal, they can just trade for the help they need right? Well, not exactly. They rid themselves of a lot of their best top trade chips during the chase for the title this past season.

Those who remain are not quite as substantial a draw for a big name trade. The Orioles need to make some changes on the pitching staff here and there but the way it is looking right now; they might have to make do with those they have or unload some older talent and pray for great debuts from youngsters. We’ll have to wait and see what they do but the GM will earn his pay this year for sure.

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