Shane Victorino’s N.L. Experience Matters for Boston Red Sox in World Series

By David Miller

In an even series like the one that is about to happen between the Boston Red Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals, any possible advantage is magnified. For the Cardinals it could be that the DH differential is enough of an advantage to make a difference in the whole series. For the Red Sox there are several factors as well but one of them is outfielder Shane Victorino. More specifically, his time spent in the National League could assist them in readying for the series.

Few of these players have seen Adam Wainwight for example but Victorino has faced for 23 at-bats. He has a decent .227 batting average against him with one home run and three RBI. That is pretty good considering it is Wainwright we are talking about. The point is that the team will have more than just video to go off of for him and the closer for the Cards as well.

The speed of the game and the way it is played is something that Victorino will be accustomed to as well. The Red Sox kind of play a station to station type game anyway but when the pitcher grabs a bat in games three through five, experience of those with time spent in the N.L. will matter for sure. It won’t be a surprise in other words that Jake Peavy should plan on taking the ball in the National League park because he cut his teeth on the N.L. style of play.

That isn’t surprising to most but the same familiarity with the N.L. game that comes with Victorino is certainly a big plus as well. His bat and ability on the bases could come in extremely huge in this series. Obviously if he is unable to contribute with the bat, things will be a tad more difficult.

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