Why Brad Ausmus is Good Fit to be Manager for Washington Nationals

By Michael Terrill
Why Brad Ausmus is Good Fit to be Manager for Washington Nationals
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

It is true that Brad Ausmus does not have any managerial experience at any level. However, that does not mean he is not qualified to be the manager of the Washington Nationals.

Ausmus played Major League Baseball for 18 years where he mostly suited up at catcher. Typically, catcher is a great position to play if one has any desire to become a manager one day because they are the only player on the field who is completely hands on. Catchers have experience calling the game and handling pitchers in intense situations. In most cases, they are an extension of the manager, just like a quarterback or a point guard.

Former teammate and Nationals pitcher Brad Lidge believes Ausmus would be perfect for the managerial job in Washington.

“He is as bright-minded as there is in the game. People are watching (Mike) Matheny and appreciate what he is doing. I think Ausmus is along those lines,” Lidge said, according to Nationals.com. “Ausmus is a guy who has been there, done that, and has the intellect to really see the true nature of the game and see what is going on. I think very highly of him.”

The big concern the St. Louis Cardinals had with Matheny was if he could handle the star power. Even though there are no so-called superstars on the Cardinals, the former catcher did take over for a team that had just won the World Series in 2011. Ausmus would be in a similar boat if the Nationals decided to hire him in the sense of dealing with top-notch talent.

“I think he would do a pretty good job. He wouldn’t be afraid of managing star-caliber players, which the Nationals have a lot of,” Lidge told Nationals.com. “He would be able to put people in a situation where he would say important things without offending them. Sometimes, you have a lot of big personalities — and the Nationals do — but you have to know how to talk to these guys. I know for a fact that he would have no problem doing that. I think he would be great for any managerial job in the Major Leagues.”

Ausmus may be under qualified for the job. With that being said, everybody needs to start somewhere. Obviously, the fans in Washington would like to see a big-name manager come lead their favorite team to the postseason. However, there are no guarantees a respected name will get the job done. Giving Ausmus a chance could work out the same way Matheny did for the Cardinals, which would be fantastic for everyone emotionally involved with the team.

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