2013 World Series: St. Louis Cardinals Should Win One For the Clipper

By Sara Lefebvre
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes in sports, the will and determination to win are not enough. It helps to have a cause — a “bigger picture” to play for.

As the World Series begin, the Boston Red Sox are still inspired by the goal to bring a trophy home to the city that suffered a big blow back in April. The St. Louis Cardinals cannot hope to top such a lofty aspiration. They need to go in a different direction. They can galvanize themselves and a widespread fan base by going out and winning this one for the clipper.

Yes, it’s time to get rid of that unsightly facial hair some of the Boston players are sporting, and the sooner the better. Playoff beards have become a hallowed tradition, but this is just taking it too far. Viewers are tuning out in droves because they can’t bear to see professional baseball players looking like backwoods lumberjacks who haven’t seen a mirror (or wanted to) in months.

Johnny Gomes is Johnny Gnome. Dustin Pedroia, if you wanted to impersonate Mr. French (of “Family Affair” fame), you should’ve grown out your belly a little too. Maybe then your uniform would fit. Mike Napoli, don’t let the ball get up in that beard, or you may never find it again. David Ross, the catcher is the general on the field, but this is not a Civil War reenactment.

Is this the pot calling the kettle black? The Cardinals have playoff beards too. The keyword here is “playoff.” With the exception of Jason Motte, who has rocked his facial hair for a couple of years, the Redbirds started growing theirs a couple of weeks ago. Some of the Boston team have been cultivating theirs since Spring Training!

One or two full beards on a team are fine. You can take a snack break during that at-bat. When one full-bearded batter after another comes up, it becomes an unsightly mess. Beards and batting helmets just don’t go together like baseball and hotdogs do.

Cardinals, strike a blow for baseball lovers everywhere who want to watch games without feeling like they need to puke. Win one for the clipper!

Sara Lefebvre is a St Louis Cardinals writer for RantSports.com. Connect with her on Google.

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